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EBM reports on pharmacy benefit management

A major French international pharmaceutical company and EBM client recently held a series of meetings between senior executives and outside experts on pharmacy benefit management in order to keep abreast of the changing landscape in health care and pharmaceutical payment, pricing and funding. EBM was asked to condense the first two meetings into succinct, brief summaries for general distribution throughout the company to share this vital information via the company’s new Intranet system. EBM compiled two 5-page written reports and a short 2-minute “best of” video using materials from the conferences themselves. Because of the urgency of the subject matter, EBM was tasked with completing the assignment within a week. This kind of rapid turn-around is useful to companies needing to disseminate industry-relevant information to staff in a timely manner. And it is one of the specialties of the EBM team.

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