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From strategic messaging

Like Nicolas Boileau, we are convinced that “…whatever is well conceived is clearly said and the words to say it come easily”. The first condition of an effective communication is the definition and structuring of messages. This is the work that we carry out alongside our clients with our advice on strategic messages.

Key messages consulting Storytelling Pyramid Structure Message House creation

Strategic messaging includes a comprehensive range of services such as key messages consulting, storytelling, equity story, Message House creation and benchmarking.

Key messages consulting

Our consulting services help you focus on the right key messages by eliminating unnecessary information that weakens the impact of your communication.

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Storytelling, Equity Story

Storytelling allows your audience to identify with the emotions you share with them. It creates engagement and triggers action.

Pyramid Structure applied to storytelling

At EBM we are widely convinced of the effectiveness of the pyramid approach* in structuring a powerful storytelling. An introduction that allows you to share your key idea from the start, to justify it with a selection of key arguments and concrete proof points to illustrate them. The pyramid structure brings rigor, consistency and clarity to your communication. It multiplies your power of conviction. And it is applicable to all your deliverables: memos, articles, presentations and speeches.

*Approach formalized by Barbara Minto in her Pyramid Principle reference book.

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Message House creation & Benchmarking

Creating a Message House will bring clarity, impact and consistency to your strategic communications.